Water Balancing begins at the pump, just as air balancing begins at the fan. Proper water balancing is an important part of the overall performance off building HVAC Systems.

Because all environmental comfort systems are based on controlling the transfer of heat energy, knowledge of basic heat transfer theory is a prerequisite for the test and balance technician.

Chilled, hot and dual temperature water systems, when they exist, must be balanced. If the water temperature and fluid flow quantities are not correct, the air stream temperature passing through and over the apparatus containing coils will not be as designed.

Richard Flanders Enterprises, Inc. recognizing the need of proper balance in fluid flow for hydronic heating and cooling systems, endeavor to provide exacting techniques in performing field measurements. Checking and adjusting all system components for correct flows through strainers, pumps, coils, terminal equipment, chillers and cooling towers in accordance with equipment and the engineer’s design specifications, are all necessary steps in achieving energy efficiency and design performance.