Richard Flanders Enterprises, Inc. performs systematic checking of fans, components, air handling units, inlets and outlets, measuring air temperature and velocities.

Determining the correct proportion of outside air intake to total air is basic to the proper balancing of any system.
Controlling the air flows by means of adjusting air distribution with regulating devices, such as dampers, registers, grilles and diffusers so that desired design air quantities and mixtures will contribute to designated space and occupancy thermal comfort with maximum efficiency.

The latest technology and precision instrumentation, along with highly skilled technicians are employed by Richard Flanders Enterprises, Inc. to accomplish this goal.

Richard Flanders Enterprises, Inc. is a member of the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (N.E.B.B) and implements all recognized national standards and procedures in providing professional service activities to the art of air balancing.

Without regulated and controlled air distribution, design comfort and energy efficiency cannot be achieved.

RFEI is also a NEBB Certified Commissioning Agent.