This nondestructive test method detects leaks in individual components or systems containing air or fluids and determines the degree of leakage.

Depending on the degree of test sensitivity, various methods are applied to detect, measure and locate leaks. These include pressure change measurement testing, bubble emission testing, and duct leak testing.

Richard Flanders Enterprises, Inc. has invested extensive time and effort in developing portable duct pressure and leakage stations. Through in-depth research and development, we have improved upon available technology and equipment for this form of testing. We have capabilities of testing up to 10 w.g. static pressure and volumes to 500 cubic feet per minute leakage in positive or negative pressure.

Our flow measuring instruments are checked regularly, calibrated and certified traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. Test procedures applied are referenced to industry standards in practice. Excessive duct leakage can create hazardous conditions, loss of energy efficiency and audible noise.

Considering today’s need for energy independence and reduction of atmospheric contamination, minimizing or eliminating duct work leakage is an absolute requirement.