Acoustical control is as important as temperature and humidity control. For practical purposes, sound is a physical byproduct of a vibrating body that sets air into motion causing audible sound waves (sound waves may be transmitted through solids, liquids or gases).

Sound testing is an excellent method of determining the source of unwanted ducted or nonducted noisy HVAC System components or other building equipment.

Richard Flanders Enterprises, Inc. with sensitive metering instruments used in field observation tests recording the rate of sound at various decibel levels and octave bands, can listen to crystalline noises generated by structural materials under strain.

Measurement is obtained from sound patterns of varying frequency in pitch and magnitude of energy and direction of travel providing information to pinpoint these stress sources.
The application of specific testing methods and use of appropriate equipment by our qualified technician can develop a graphic spectrum analysis to provide a comfortable acoustic atmosphere and correct irritating noises to avert potential equipment malfunctions.